2022 – National Painting Plein air “Dryanovo of Master Kolyu Ficheto – memory and present”, City of Dryanovo prize

2021 – Competition for Monument of Vasil Levski, Yambol, 2nd place

2020 – Miniature Award, Tenth International Biennial of Small Forms, Pleven
2019 – National competition, exhibition “Young Bulgarian Artists” – award of Finesse Gallery
2019 – UBA Award, Competition for residence and creative specialization in the studios of the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
2016 – Competition for young authors of Bulgarika Foundation – Varna – 3th place, Sculpture
2015 – Competition for young authors of Bulgarika Foundation – Varna – 2nd place, Sculpture
2013 – FIGURATIVAS 2013, Sculpture Award, Barcelona
2013 – Encouragement award from the National Student Arts Festival Blagoevgrad


Dryanovo Historical Museum

Art Gallery Petko Churchuliev, Dimitrovgrad

Union of Bulgarian Artists

Art Gallery Ilia Beshkov, Pleven

Private collections


Stefan Kotsev was born on September 8, 1990 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Graduated from PROFILED SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS Prof. Nikolay Raynov in 2009, Painting. Bachelor’s degree in sculpture, for the period 2010 – 2014, at Prof. Angel Stanev`s studio. Master degree of acquisition for the period 2015 – 2016 at Prof. Angel Stanev`s studio, Sculpture, NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ARTS, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Contemporary figurative sculptor, painter and visual artist, member of UBA (Union of Bulgarian Artists) since 2018.



2022 – In the Beginning IV, UBA, Sofia

2022 – Wales contemporary – finalist, Wales, UK

2022 – Chianciano Biennale – Finalist`s exhibition, Chianciano Art Museum, Italy

2022 – Solo exhibition – Sculpture and painting, Art Gallery Petko Churchuliev, Dimitrovgrad

2021 – National Sculpture Exhibition – In the Beginning is Nature 2, UBA, Sofia

2021 – National Sculpture and Painting Competition, Art Gallery Rayko Alexiev, Sofia

2021 – Exhibition Roots: 16 Contemporary Sculptors on Galin Malakchiev, The National Gallery – Sofia Arsenal – Museum of Contemporary Art
2021 – Exhibition Miniature, Art Gallery Petko Churchuliev, Dimitrovgrad

2021 – 50 years – National Exhibition Ludogorie, Razgrad

2018 – Solo exhibition – Gallery Art 36, Sofia
2017 – Exhibition “Young Bulgarian Artists”, collection Todor Staykov – UBA
2017 – Solo exhibition – “City Portraits”, HIVE Gallery, Sofia
2015 – Exhibition for young authors – Art in a drower- Andrey Nikolov’s House – The Red House with the support of the BHC, Sofia
2015 – Program “EXPERIMENTS” of National Gallery, Vaska Emanouilova, Sofia, Exhibition “The Monument – Public Misunderstanding” curated by Lachezar Boyadzhiev
2014 – Seventh Biennial of Small Forms – Pleven
2014 – National Exhibition of Sculpture UBA

2013 – National Exhibition of Sculpture UBA
2013 – Miniart, Ruse
« …The sculptures I have been working on for the last few years mark a stage of my evolution as an artist, quite significant. They mark the emergence of my own plastic vision of nature based on personal experience and rich visual culture.
I have chosen to follow classical techniques in sculpture, but I create my figures directly in plaster. Over the years, this approach led me to an extremely good knowledge of the material (plaster) and its characteristic influence on the creation of volume and form. Then I cast my figures in bronze.
The main interest of my creative pursuits is the figure, and the subject that inspires me is the inner world of the ordinary man. These artistic aspirations interact and contribute to the establishment of a highly expressive interpretation and reaction to familiar issues that concern our time. With the presence and development of “eternal” themes such as Pieta, The Doom of Judas, Fugitive and more, and placing them in unison with the current problems of contemporary society, I give to my artworks a social character. The themes of the many and the few, the permanently and the impermanent, the known and the unknown – remind us of the universal experience…. »
Stefan Kotsev